Market Square Pavilion

Take a Tour of Main Street

Since the middle of the nineteenth century, Main Street has been the social and commercial center of Woonsocket. Market Square and Monument Square bracket the district and Depot Square provides a central focal point. Take a walk down Main Street and see how Woonsocket's historic downtown looks today:
  • Main Street 2000 - The story of Woonsocket's downtown restoration.
  • Market Square - Home of the Museum of Work and Culture and the center of a newly revitalized Main Street.
  • Main Street - A wonderful collection of historic mills, stores and office blocks.
  • Depot Square - Named for the Providence & Worcester Railroad Depot.
  • Monument Square - Home of the Stadium Theatre and Union St Jean-Baptiste.
  • Social Flatlands - Woonsocket's New Downtown.
  • Historic Places - Main Street is just one of thirty-two sites in Woonsocket that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
For more information about the revitalization of historic Main Street, visit the Main Street 2000 web site.

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