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Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams
(I Can Read Chapter Book Series)

by Avi, James Watling (Illustrator)

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Award-winning author Avi recounts the story of Roger Williams through the eyes of Williams' youngest daughter. In 1635, Roger Williams is on trial in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for preaching what was then considered radical ideas about freedom and equality. When Roger is found guilty, he must escape and travel into the wilderness, where his only hope will be to find his friends the Narragansett Indians.

History You Can See
Scenes of Change in Rhode Island 1790-1910

by Hadassah Davis

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I found this book in the gift shop of the Rhode Island State House. With an emphasis on the changes caused by accelerating industrialization, this book explores the important people, places and events of nineteenth century Rhode Island. From Samuel Slater and the start of the American industrial revolution in the 1790's to the construction of the Newport mansions in the 1890's, this book tells the story of Rhode Island's place in nineteenth century American history.

Rhode Island Guide

Rhode Island : An Explorer's Guide
by Phyllis Meras, Tom Gannon

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With over 400 miles of coastline, Rhode Island deserves the name the Ocean State. This wonderful travel guide highlights Rhode Island's unique historical character along with excellent listings for restaurants, hotels and attractions. A valuable book for out-of-state tourists or local residents who have yet to discover beautiful Rhode Island.

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