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Aram Pothier from a 1908 campaign photo

Famous People

Meet the some of people who changed Woonsocket's history.

  • Samuel Slater - Began the American Industrial Revolution with the construction of the first successful textile mill on the Blackstone River in Pawtucket in 1793.
  • James Arnold - Owner of much of Woonsocket in the early nineteenth century.
  • Dexter Ballou - A Woonsocket textile pioneer.
  • George C. Ballou - Another early textile pioneer and owner of the Globe Mill.
  • Edward Harris - Woonsocket's leading nineteenth century industrialist.
  • Willis and Lyman Cook - Owners of the Woonsocket Foundry
  • Aram Pothier - Financier, community leader and one of Rhode Island's longest serving Governors.
  • Walter F. Fontaine - Woonsocket's most important architect.
  • Franco-Belgian Industrialists - By the early twentieth century, the "French Mills" were some of the largest and most important in Woonsocket

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