If you liked my website, you will probably enjoy these books about Woonsocket and northern Rhode Island which are available from If you are in Woonsocket, many of these books are also available in the Gift Shop at the Museum of Work and Culture.

Woonsocket History

Woonsocket, Rhode Island
(Images of America Series)

by Robert Bellerose

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With over 200 pictures, local author Robert Bellerose presents a pictorial history of Woonsocket's rise from a sleepy farming community to one of the country's great industrial centers. Rare pictures bring to life the people, places and events which shaped the city. Experience the bustle of Main Street, see a show at the Stadium Theatre or take a train from Depot Square. This book will be enjoyed by anyone interested in Woonsocket's history.

Working-Class Americanism
Politics of Labor in a Textile City, 1914-1960

by Gary Gerstle

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Against the background of Woonsocket's mill economy, this book tells the story of the ITU - Woonsocket's most powerful textile union. It is a well respected study of immigration, industrialization and the growth of the working class in America. A predominate theme of the book is the changes that immigrants undergo in "becoming American". This book is the basis for many of the exhibits at Woonsocket's Museum of Work and Culture.

The Lower Blackstone River Valley
(Images of America Series)

by Charles E. Savoie

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With images collected from the Blackstone Valley Historical Society, this book illustrates the changes that occurred in Lincoln, Cumberland, Central Falls, Pawtucket and Woonsocket as industrialization spread through the Blackstone River Valley.

Kids Books

by David MacAulay

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While the textile mills at Wicksbridge are imaginary, their planning, construction, and operation are typical of the mills that developed around Woonsocket throughout the nineteenth century. Well researched with wonderful illustrations, this is a first-rate history lesson for young and old alike.

Never the Same Again :
A Young Woman's Story of Life in the Blackstone Valley in the 1820s

by Phyllis Hosken Masso

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A fascinating and historically accurate story of a young family's life in the Blackstone River Valley in the the 1820s. Told through the eyes of Betsy Carpenter, a twenty year old who finds herself responsible for the welfare of her nine younger siblings, the story describes many of the changes that were sweeping the area at that time. There are also many references to sites in the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage Park

Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams
(I Can Read Chapter Book Series)

by Avi, James Watling (Illustrator)

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Award-winning author Avi recounts the story of Roger Williams through the eyes of Williams' youngest daughter. In 1635, Roger Williams is on trial in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for preaching what was then considered radical ideas about freedom and equality. When Roger is found guilty, he must escape and travel into the wilderness, where his only hope will be to find his friends the Narragansett Indians.

Rhode Island History

History You Can See
Scenes of Change in Rhode Island 1790-1910

by Hadassah Davis

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I found this book in the gift shop of the Rhode Island State House. With an emphasis on the changes caused by accelerating industrialization, this book explores the important people, places and events of nineteenth century Rhode Island. From Samuel Slater and the start of the American industrial revolution in the 1790's to the construction of the Newport mansions in the 1890's, this book tells the story of Rhode Island's place in nineteenth century American history.

Rhode Island Guide

Rhode Island : An Explorer's Guide
by Phyllis Meras, Tom Gannon

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With over 400 miles of coastline, Rhode Island deserves the name the Ocean State. This wonderful travel guide highlights Rhode Island's unique historical character along with excellent listings for restaurants, hotels and attractions. A valuable book for out-of-state tourists or local residents who have yet to discover beautiful Rhode Island.

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